> 1854-1894 Illinois State Association History

April 18, 1867 The Chicago Tribune

April 18, 1867 The Chicago Tribune

This article ran in The Chicago Tribune on April 18, 1867 and the same story ran in The Washington Evening Star with the same dateline. This was at least the second or third nonpartisan reorganization of the two Democratic and Republican Illinois clubs that sprouted up as early as 1854.

Col. Augustin Fletcher, formerly of Chicago, was the state agent assigned by the governor of Illinois to getting reimbursement from the Federal Government to Illinois for certain Civil War expenses that were federal costs but had been paid for by the State of Illinois. Col. Chester and his two "fair daughters" are mentioned in Mark Twain's 1868 article about the Illinois Association. See the article in About US by clicking that category on the home page to read Mark Twain's entire humorous article.

The J.B. Atkinson who is listed as a founder was still a member according to newspaper articles in The Washington Post 38 years later in 1905.

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