> 1917 - 1930 Illinois State Society Events

Paul and Joe Galvin about 1928
Joseph Ralph in 1917
33rd Division Comes Home 1919
Gov. Frank O. Lowden
Col. Robert R. McCormick
Washington Post April 26, 1929
April 15, 1926 Lindbergh at Maywood
Lindbergh's second crash near Bloomington
Lindbergh's first crash near Ottawa, Illinois
Lindy was not Lucky in 1926 Illinois skies
Artist conception of Lindy over Illinois 1926
Lindbergh's Flight for Chicago Daily Tribune
Charles Lindbergh and Bill MacCracken
Lindbergh at Soldier Field August 1927
Sen. and Mrs. Charles S. Deneen
Charles Dawes of Evanston in 1924
Washington Post April 5, 1917
Oscar J. Ricketts, President of the Illinois State Society in 1917
Miss Julia Lathrop
Carl Vrooman
Armistice Day in Chicago
Armistice Day at State and Madison
Bipartisan State Societies Back Wilson
Herbert W. Rutledge
Major Victor V. Martin
1917: Society Vice President Louis F. Post
Feb. 24, 1917 Washington Post
1928 Congressman Henry R. Rathbone
Feb. 27, 1929 Washington Post
Ronald Reagan in Dixon,Illinois in the 1920s
State Senator Lottie O'Neill
World War I Victory Monument in Chicago
Washington Post Aug. 14, 1919
Chicago Daily Tribune May 31, 1929
Chicago Daily Tribune April 8, 1930
The Washington Post Jan. 20, 1926
700,000 Illinoisans lose jobs in 1930
Washington Post Article about Illinois Society Plan
Oscar Stanton DePriest in 1928
Ruth Hanna McCormick in 1929
Darrow and Bryan in 1925
Washington Post Oct. 27, 1929
Agnes Ayers of Carbondale, Illinois in 1921
Art Institute on Armistice Day
Caterpillar 1925
Chicago Tribune Feb. 25, 1926
Coolidge and Dawes 1925
Pioneer Movie Producer Oscar Micheaux
Chicago Daily News Feb. 15, 1929
Chicago Daily Tribune May 31, 1929