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1917: Society Vice President Louis F. Post

1917: Society Vice President Louis F. Post

Another key Democratic vice president of the Illinois State Society in 1917 was Assistant Secretary of Labor Louis F. Post. There were about an equal number of high profile Republicans and Democrats on the 1917 board.

Post was a person of contradictions. He urged military preparedness as his wife campaigned for The Peace Party. He was himself considered a radical and a social friend of the anarchist Emma Goldman but it was Post who signed the deportation order to exile Goldman during the Red Scare. Goldman never forgave him and wrote with bitter antagonism toward Post in her 1935 autobiography.

Post was a disciple of Henry George. He advocated a “single tax” on land and the international language of Esperanto. He was teased by some of his friends who said he looked like Leon Trotsky.

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