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1932 Legend of The Called Shot

1932 Legend of The Called Shot

The Legend of the Called Shot.

Game 3 of the 1932 World Series between the Chicago Cubs and the New York Yankees was held at Wrigley Field on October 1st. Gov. Franklin D. Roosevelt of New York was the Democratic nominee for President. FDR, his son Jimmy, and his wife Eleanor were sitting with Chicago Mayor Anton J. Cermak in the box seats along the first base line.

The Cubs were ahead in the top of the fifth inning when Yankees batter Babe Ruth either pointed at Cubs pitcher Charlie Root or to the center field bleachers in the same direction from home plate. The debate still rages but there are no good movies and one seems to show The Babe pointing high out to center field. After two strikes Babe Ruth hit a long home run.

Also in the stands that day was a future Justice of the Supreme Court, John Paul Stevens from Hyde Park. His great uncle was the founder of the Chas. A. Stevens Dept Store and his father owned the Stevens Hotel at 720 S. Michigan Avenue that is today the Hilton Hotel. Here is how Stevens recalled the Babe Ruth at bat.

"Ruth did point to the center-field scoreboard. And he did hit the ball out of the park after he pointed with his bat. So it really happened." During his service with U.S. Navy Intelligence in World War II, Stevens helped to break the Japanese code that enabled U.S. planes to shoot down the personal plane of Admiral Yamamoto, who planned the 1941 atack on Pearl Harbor.

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